Windows 10 Product Keys 100% Working for 32bit+64bit (2023)

Windows 10 Product Keys

Windows 10 Product Keys For All Versions 32bit+64bit (2023)

Windows 10 Product Keys For All Versions (32bit+64bit) from our website ( to activate it permanently without paying a single penny. Hey there, have you installed Windows 10 on your PC? Are you looking for a Product key to activate it? If yes, my friend, you have come to the correct place.

Because I will share 100% valid license keys for windows 10, read this article until the end, as you do not want to miss any important information. Since I will explain important details, like why we should use a license, I will also share a  very useful trick. So, fasten your seatbelts as you will be amazed by this useful information. You Can Also Download AAct Activator

Windows 10 Product Keys

Windows 10 Product Keys

In this great trick, I will share a  spectacular method to activate your Windows 10, 8, 8.1, and 7 without getting a product key. You will be thinking, how’s that even possible? Well, stay focused as you read the article to understand it completely. If you are a newbie Windows user, you may be thinking that why everyone wants a key? So if you are also confused because of this, a simple and valid answer is that windows are not completely free for all. It is free only for Linux and macOS.

However, if a person wants the complete functionality of windows and wants to use all the functions of windows for the rest of his life, it will be a  big expensive deal for him to buy the license for windows. I think that you will now be aware of the fact that why this key is important. Windows 10 comes with a 30-Day free trial.

After this 30-day free trial, you are going to face a lot of restrictions. The user can not change these frustrating restrictions, such as the theme, no OTA notification, an annoying watermark on the screen, and many more will make the use of windows a bad experience. These restrictions are the only reason why we need a license for windows. With a license, all these features can be used unlimitedly without restrictions. However, the internet is full of several fake windows licenses that only last for a short time(45 days). But do not worry. You can get a 100% genuine and permanent working license from here.

Windows 10 Pro Product Keys

This operating system (Windows 10) has different versions, including Home, Basic, Pro, Business, and others. Get free windows activation product keys from this website. Many versions are identical, but some come with limitations or fewer characteristics. For example, BitLocker is available in the Pro edition of Windows 10 but not in the Windows 10 Home edition. Some other features, such as endpoint detection and response, are present in the Business Edition, whereas it is absent in the basic edition of Windows 10.

Similarly, many features in the Pro edition are not available in the Home version of Windows 10. And because of variations in the functionalities of different versions of windows 10, the product keys for them are also different. If you use a Home or a Basic version key on the Pro edition, you will be hit by an error saying “invalid key.” This is why you should always use the key in their compatible version. Okay, so here are the working product keys for our Pro version that can be utilized in both x32-bit and x64-bit environments. Mini KMS Activator Ultimate Crack is also available for download.

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Windows 10 Working Product Keys:

  • 0A7D2A0C-90B6-4116-BEF8-58497E628EE8
  • 08D309F7-005B-4890-B38D-5913E7B735B4
  • A46731D7-D2FF-4A94-8A44-269965D0857E
  • B01F3525-3392-4B4F-8A9B-9E195D26E2B4
  • 3707BFFF-E259-4A78-BAB7-E05F987BE5DB
  • 0EEFB96B-135D-4B1B-BF5A-E02FE9284947
  • 60D7C7FD-B140-494F-9742-E5F5E9F25837
  • 4FC6C391-71B0-4FCF-84FC-73643A6BEE35
  • 5A71F226-1A0B-4150-921A-B38D8D6F7FE0
  • 5DBA1CC8-8D01-45E3-A302-E2F5252CD9D5

Windows 10 Home Product Keys

This is another version of Windows 10 built and designed to be used on home computers(personal computers), and this version does not have all the functions present in the Pro version. Microsoft removed some of these functions four years ago on Windows 8, but they have added again after several users requested them.

Pro functions such as Cortana (Voice Assistant), Windows Hello, Virtual Assistant, Battery Saver, etc., are available on this version. But some advanced features such as Domain Join, System Guard, Community Policy Management, Bitlocker, and so on are not available on this version. As it is a Home version, it is commonly used on home PCs, which are not used for any professional work.

This version, like Windows 10 Pro, comes with its product key. Thus, you won’t be able to activate it after using every other edition key. (Note: only use Windows 10 Home Product Keys for activation)

Free Windows 10 Product Key List

Windows 10 Versions Product Keys
Windows 10 Home-multi 3C29B3C0-D295-49C2-9928-08D2BF83C108
Windows 10 Home-single 218F24C1-38DB-4C3D-A250-396F3CF634A5
Windows 10 Home-S E6F7659B-857A-466E-89D2-393D1856BCC3
Country Specified F17573CD-88B2-4399-9B09-843133FDAF4B
Home N 02232934-136B-4F4D-9808-BB323FE8071A
Home FBC09A43-55D1-4820-B03C-947F15E54B9B

Windows 10 Free Product Key 2023

Windows 10 Editions Product Keys
Windows 10 Pro for Workstations 5F1A5E1C-ABFB-49B6-967B-8D06751B1DD0
Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC Key 8805FD76-9425-46A3-A270-5CDFF11F5B10
Windows Professional Education 30D91544-7D4F-4092-93A8-993E37F94D52
Windows 10 Pro build 10240 6EBC8C0C-D485-41B7-A625-0C0213011B52
Windows 10 Education N 59130CDA-7516-4607-8028-EAFFD76145DF
Windows 10 Enterprise G B21EDFA3-D33B-470E-88E5-2826A594638F
Windows 10 Pro 2021 8B88BF90-E0A5-4D73-BB3A-3079AAE0520E
Windows 10 Core Key D2528544-8A10-42B6-A5B9-F7EF223628C3
Windows 10 S (Lean) E859573D-1794-4EA7-BEA5-644A8FB38E63
Windows 10 Pro N 0657377A-5226-4701-BD7D-1DFB463E196C

Windows 10 All Edition Product Keys

If you have installed Windows 10 except Pro or Home and want a key for its activation, then here is a list of all working Windows editions with their licenses. Before using the key to activate the corresponding version, make sure that you are using a compatible key for the correct version.

Windows 10 Editions Product Keys
Professional Workstations N 0BDB796B-A3D3-412C-9FCE-AAFC48613413
Professional Workstations 26AFC80C-5C17-434C-9609-3F720AD9D549
Enterprise N LTSC 2019 0551B38E-2497-4229-91F2-DD962549AFF0
Enterprise N LTSB 2016 20976686-8A4A-4D23-8B70-9EC0A819280D
Enterprise LTSC 2019 512F55FA-FA7D-44C1-93BD-1734A151854C
Enterprise LTSB 2016 C399D2FC-2103-4BB1-887F-D7F8BEE42584
Enterprise G N 29DE90E2-4F99-4663-9C96-0AAD686BF27E
Enterprise N 5351775D-D3A5-4E1D-A2C9-69C4C396EE55
Enterprise A22D8918-5638-463A-BB9C-87B61B348D12
Education 4C76710B-99F6-4D73-95C1-1CAF15E8C7A7

How To Activate Windows 10 Free Without Product Key?

If you tried all the keys and still had no success in the activation. Don’t worry. I have another great way of activating the windows without any license or product key. Yes, you heard that right. We will activate windows without any key. This can be achieved with the help of a great tool called KMSpico. KMSpico is a unique tool created by Team Daz. We will get 100% success in activating the windows using KMSpico. KMSpico will help you achieve all the functionalities like regular paying windows.

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For example, we will finally be able to get rid of the annoying watermark using KMSpico. We will get a real license that will be permanent and will last for the rest of our lives. Do you know what the best part of KMSpico is? The best part about using KMSpico to activate windows is that we will still receive the OTA update, which is not supported by all the other activation tools.

If you are interested, the following actions must be completed to enable KMSPico:

First, go to this link and download KMSpico from our website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.1: How To Find Windows 10 Product Key?

There are several ways to find where is Windows 10 Product Key in your computer. It depends on the fact of where you have bought the key. If you bought it from Microsoft, go to Microsoft Store > Downloads > Product Keys > Subscription. Go to Your Games & Software Library to retrieve the key if you bought it via the Amazon Store.

Q.2: Where To Buy Windows 10 Product key?

You can buy Windows 10 Product key from Microsft, or you can also buy it from Amazon; there are many more ways to purchase Windows 10 Product Key. You can also buy keys from trusted websites like eBay, Walmart, Newegg, KeysOff, and Kinguin. But make sure to check the reviews of the key before purchasing it from an online platform.

Q.3: How to Find Windows 10 Product Key Using Command Prompt?

If you have recently purchased a new laptop or computer and are eager to learn how to find a key for Windows 10. Then there is a simple and easy guide that will make finding the key an easy  task:

  • Press the Windows button + X key together.
  • A menu will pop up from the bottom left corner. Select the Command prompt and launch it as admin by right-clicking on it and selecting “run as administrator.”
  • Copy the below-given command, paste it into the Command Prompt, and click enter.

wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey

  • The product key is listed below on the next screen, shown by the Command Prompt.

Find Windows 10 Product Keys with EaseUS Key Finder

If it is difficult for you to find the product keys of Windows 10 using the command Prompt, then you can use software called “EaseUS Key Finder,” which will aid you in finding the Windows 10 product key of your device.

After installing the product key finder program, click on “Windows” on the left, and your Windows product 10 key will be shown in the right pane. By selecting “Copy,” “Print,” or “Save,” you may backup your key to Windows.


These Free Product Keys for Windows 10 will allow you to activate your windows free of cost. But, as this is not an easy task and many people make mistakes by using an invalid key, it would be the best option to activate your windows using the KMSpico activator as it is very easy and does not require any key for the activation. It is designed with x32-bit and 64-bit support for every Windows version, including Windows 10, 8, and 8.1.

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